Monday, July 04, 2016

OUTFIT // Move like you want

H&M blouse, top, bag // Cheap Monday high skinnies // Birkenstocks sandals // Vintage sunnies
Photographs by Janne

Finally a new blog post! I've been working on my blog a lot lately, but it all didn't came as fast and easy as I wanted. I'm working on a new layout and also on a new blog name. The last three weeks I've been busy shooting outfits, writing a few travel posts and some other blog stuff. I wanted to wait with posting everything until the new layout+name was online too. But, as I said, that took me a little but longer since I'm also busy with work and finding an internship which will start in september. So have to wait a bit longer for the new design. Anyways, I thought, why not start writing below all the photographs I took and see where that will bring me. That's what I did and so.. a brand new outfit post! I just couldn't wait posting, which can relate to the title of this post. The other new stuff will, hopefully, be here soon too. 
Now, about these outfit & place. In Nijmegen they're creating more space for the river and around that there is this beaustiful place for (outfit)photographs. (More about this place soon!) On a free friday Janne and I went here to shoot some photos. My outfit is quit simple, but I love to look at the whole picture, everything together.. I love the blouse, with the black and the stairs that match my outfit. I added a hat, a boho bag, some jewelry and my favourite sunnies to make the outfit a bit more special. Ohh and I love the fact that I'm able to wear my birkies again!! The last weeks gave us a lot of rain but I have good hope for the sun to come this week. Plus good hope for my blog! From now on I try to post regularly, about 1/3 post each week. Already got lots of inspiration in my mind. 
What do you think of this outfit? And what have you been up too? Have a lovely week!


  1. Leuke outfit en supermooie locatie! Je tasje is heel cute<3

  2. Echt een hele leuke outfit! De foto's zijn zo mooi! xxx

  3. De locatie ziet er schitterend uit!

  4. Mooie outfit, en wat sta je er leuk op!!

  5. Hele leuke outfit! Die blouse heb ik ook, fijn ding is het :)