Monday, August 22, 2016

Going up the country

Going up the country! Anna, Willemijn and Romy and I gave that name to our camping trip last summer. This summer we went out camping again (this time only the three of us) and that name kinda is the camping trip name for us now we plan to get up the county every year. If you wonder where the name came from, check out the song from Canned Heat. We only wish we lived at the time of Woodstock.. Anyways, we took a road&camping trip, and had the best time!
It was about a 1,5 hours ride to the campside and once we were there we could easily set up our tents. Everything came so easy and there was nothing we had to do. It is such a good thing that there are no worries when you're on a holliday. The first day we visited the town nearby, had a small dinner by the tents and went to the beach in the evening. We watched the sunset from the car and finished that with an amazing view at the seaside. The sea during twilight/sunset is such a lovely thing to see.
The next day we went to the beach again, but this time to soak up the sun and for a swim! We were lucky with the weather during our stay! The sun was there the whole day, every day. The sea was really cold, but we all took a swim! In the evening we went out for dinner at the boulevard and had delicious pasta's. Afterwards we went back to our tents and sat there talking and looking at the stars. I experimented a little with my camera plus the shutter and out of that the last photo of the stars was made! We didn't went to a specific place or city, all we knew that near the beach would be a nice thing. It was more the fact that we went up the country and a little camping holliday together! If you're reading Ann&Willy; I had the loveliest time with you! Ohh and I'm in love with the second photo of the wind in their hair! Have you ever been camping? And what about the "Going up the country" song?


  1. Die foto's van bij het water zijn zo mooi. Inderdaad mooi om op het strand te zijn tijdens de zonsondergang :)

  2. Ohh echt mooi al deze foto's, dat sfeertje! ♥ het klinkt ook als een heerlijke vakantie!

  3. Nien. Wat leuk om te lezen!! De foto's zijn zo mooi geworden. De foto van de sterren is zo prettyyy. Het was super met jullie!