Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Good morning! Time flew by so fast, soon it will be september and that means the end of the summer hollidays. Which is sad, but exiting too: the second week of september I'll be starting my internship at Foam Amsterdam! I'm reallly exited and curious about how my internship will be. Have you ever done an internship? And did you like it? For now a little Instagram update!

1. Delicious icecream after shooting some photos with Willemijn. I had yoghurt with blood orange wich was so good! 2. Some details of those photos we took, soon on the blog! 3. Changed my room in Utrecht a little, because I'll stay there most of the time during my internship. Bought this new mirror at IKEA. It was a bit expensive for me but I'm so happy I bought this pretty thing. Because it's very wide it's perfect for some mobile outfit photos, but next to that and more importantly it makes my room look a whole lot bigger. 4. Cameo Island, still dreaming away to that place now and then 5. Tried out these mug cakes, they were very tasty. 6. Pretty houses in Brugge, check out my last post to see more about my stay in that city. 7. Breakkie outside, including the best fresh figs out of my family's garden 8. In the sea at Zakynthos! 9. Outfit from the other day in Nijmegen! 
You can follow me on Instagram here: @ninaheutinckWhat do you think of these photos? & What is your Instagram?