Monday, August 08, 2016


Nina Fenne

Hello to some brand new things! Since a couple of months I had a blog break again, but I was full with new ideas for my blog, and for the name of it. I didn't support my old blog name anymore (My Lifestyle Diary). That name has been there for over 4 years now and sometimes you just need a change. I brainstormed a lot for a new name but I think I knew this name was the one. To keep it simple, but also close to myself "Nina Fenne" is the new name of my blog! My first and second name, but you probably got that. I love the fact that this is my own name for my own blog, in that way I can relate the content to that. To get everything good I also got myself a domain name, so no more!
The long blog absence bought me some time to think about what I want with my blog and to create some new content. I traveled a lot this summer (with a little extra trip coming up), came up with some new outfits, exploared new cities and found the loveliest hotspots. Oh and I took too many photograhs. Next to that I found some big motivation and inspiration to start blogging again. My first travel post will be online tomorrow! 
What do you think of this new name?


  1. Jaa leuk Nina! Ben benieuwd naar je posts. Snel weer outfit foto's maken (als het wat lekkerder weer wordt haha) :)

  2. Jeeeh leuk! Hele mooie naam! Ik zit er ook aan te denken en wil ook van die af. Op welke site heb jij je domeinnaam gekocht?

  3. Heel erg tof, ik ben benieuwd naar je posts!<3

  4. Aah leuk Nina! Zo is het heel persoonlijk inderdaad. Gefeliciteerd ook met je eigen domein! xx