Sunday, August 28, 2016

TRAVEL // Brugge, Belgium

A few days (oops maybe a few weeks) has passed since Paul and I took the car out for a road trip to Belgium. I was busy sorting out the photographs for a while and since last week the sun hit the Netherlands too so spent most of my time in the sun. Which isn't a bad thing but that ment a hold for some blog posts. Anyways, here a post about our trip to Brugge. 
This summer I made two trips by car, and ohh I love to just ride with some music and the wind blowing through the car (because no airco). We drove from Nijmegen to Brugge and arrived there around noon. We went into the city right after we checked in and ohh what a beautiful city! I'm a real sucker for old, vintage, romantic buildings and Brugge is full of them. I really had to make sure this post wasn't only filled with photos of buildings, haha. But those are what makes Brugge so special, for me a least. 
We mostly wandered around the city, visited some chocolate shops, enjoyed the sun (we were lucky with the weather) which was, both, amazing! I loved theone street that was fully filled with chocolate stores. Oh and the other thing we did a lot was sit on terraces outside and enjoyed the Belgian beer. We went to more caf├ęs but we both loved "Het Poatersgat" most! It's a basement with the biggert assortment of specialty beers I've ever seen! I always love to watch people walk by while drinking something outside (anywhere). The next day in Brugge we also went to "Brouwerij de Halve Maan" (brew the Crescent) and saw how their beer was made by a tour through the old brewery. I would really recommend a visit there! And to Brugge in general! After the morning in Brugge we drove to Gent and had 1,5 days there too. Soon a little post about Gent will be up here too, Have you ever been to Brugge?