Tuesday, August 09, 2016

TRAVEL // Cameo Island, Zakynthos, Greece #1

This summer Paul and I went to Zakynthos, one of the Ionian Islands in Greece. Last year we visited quit a few Italian cities in a short period so this time we went for a "more relaxing" holliday. And that it was, Zakynthos is such an amazing Island, so sunny, so beachy and without worries. On our way home I thought I didn't took that many photographs, but when I checked my SD card back home I thought wrong: There were so many photos worth saving up here on my blog! Because of that I divided this journey in three posts, and I really wanted to start with this special place in Zakynthos...

Cameo Island. We got lucky with a view over this tiny but beautiful island from on our appartment. The very first day we already walked here to explore Cameo Island from the out/sea side and we spend our last day on the island itself. Cameo Island is a small, very small, island close to the seaside in the town Agios Sostis. With a wooden bridge you can enter and for 5 euros you can spend a day, or how long you like, on the island and that also includes a drink there. The island used to be conected to Zakynthos but during an earthquake this piece of ground came loose and turned into this special little island by the cost. I'm still in love with the vibe Cameo Island has. The white swaying curtains are a big part of that lovely vibe. On the 3th photo you can see the bay/beach from "the inside" of Cameo Island that is where we sat down, and enjoyed the sun, our drinks and the sea. It is such an amazing place in Zakynthos, plus you have a beautiful view over the sea and Turtle Island. I really recommend a visit if you're ever in Zakynthos! Have you ever been to Cameo Island?


  1. Wat ziet het er mooi uit zeg!

  2. Wat een heerlijk sfeertje hebben de foto's, wauwieee. En ook heel leuk om te lezen wat jullie gedaan hebben. Ik ben daar nog nooit geweest maar als ik dit zie denk ik dat ik het zeker een keer moet doen! xxx

  3. Je hebt een prachtig figuurtje zeg wauw! en het ziet er heel mooi uit