Wednesday, September 07, 2016

NEW IN // September favourites, E-Polette & Brandy jumper

Good morning! Since my last Zakynthos post plus the fact that my internship begins next monday, I feel like summer is completely over. That's not the fact, I know, the weather has been soo good here! Yesterday I sat outside almost the entire day, soaking up the sun. But on monday I went to Amsterdam to settle some things at Foam. Afterwards I stopped by at Brandy Melville... that's never good for my wallet. But it is good for my closet: got myself a new jumper! It is so soft and warm, perfect with a pair of black jeans or a skirt! Oh I also got a new necklace at Forever21, love the light stones. The little wallet is my all time favourite since Zakynthos. Prints like that are so beautiful!
Another item which will match my internship are these new glasses I got from Polette. Last week I went to their blogger event for the new e-polette. I met up with Joanne in Utrecht and together we took the train to Amsterdam. The event was fun! As I said, I met Joanne and some other bloggers and it was really nice to meet them! Polette told us more about their new e-polette and we all got the e-brooklyn (the frame which you can see on the photos). 
The e-polette protects your eyes by filtering the blue light from screens all around you. Like your phone, laptop or sometimes even lamps can affect your eyes (more info at Polette). For my internship I'll be spending most of my time behind a computer screen so these new glasses are perfect to wear to the office! I already tested the glasses a few times (read: wearing them non stop, since I'm so happy that I can wear glasses with a reason now) and the blue light filter really works. Looking at my laptop with these glasses on makes my eyes way more at ease! Oh and it lowers the headache I got a lot after spending a few hours behind my laptop. This frame wasn't the one I would choose (in love with the Dean View from Polette) but I love how it looks on me, and I'll certainly wear this one a lot! What do you think of my new items? And how about me with glasses on?

// If you want to get an e-polette yourself, you can get a 10% discount by using the code: e-poletteNL! //


  1. Ah wat een ontzettend leuke bril! Ik wil er denk ook eens voor gaan kijken. <3

  2. En toch staat hij je leuk om deze foto's!

  3. Wauw mooie trui! Leuk artikel Nina :)