Thursday, September 01, 2016

OUTFIT // Favourite striped summer dress

Since I took this dress with me to Zakynthos, it became my favourite dress this summer. Can't believe it is september already and Zakynthos is such a while back. It still feels like a few days ago. I'm also still posting some Zakynthos photos on Instagram, and there also wil be a last Zakynthos blog post. I guess I just don't want the hollidays to be completely over. Anyways, about this outfit. I went to the centre of our village with Willemijn and we took some photos of this favourite summer dress. I love how they turned out! The dress is so light and comfy, but also kind of chique in a sort of way. Not that good in discribing haha. I combined it with a lot of black (favourite color). A vintage bag, floppy hat, my all time favourite Birkenstocks and a black choker. In love with those lately, they can really finish your outfit and give it something extra. What do you think of this dress? &/or outfit?

Bershka dress // Bag to the Future bag // Arizona birkenstocks // H&M hat // Primark choker


  1. Dit is echt zo'n schattig jurkje! Love it!

  2. Prachtige foto's! Die hoed staat je zoo tof!

  3. Leuke outfit! Love de birkenstocks! Wat een leuke blog heb je trouwens!