Friday, October 07, 2016

Instagram & Update // Pretty buildings, Amsterdam and lots of Foam

Since I started my internship at Foam my blog got a grand total of 2 posts. And this is my fourth week. Yesterday night I finally found a little time (read: stayed up too late) to write some blog posts (the outfit in the middle of this set will be online soon!). It was time for some blogging again, and I'm glad I took a little time to write, the photos were already there.
So, pretty buildings, Amsterdam and lots of Foam. My internship takes a lot of energy and time but I love doing it. I'm learning and doing more and more there and I'm very curious of where I will be in a few weeks/months. The time flies by so, so fast. Can't believe I'm already there for a whole month. Last week I met up with Janne in Amsterdam to shoot some outfit photos, a little preview in this post too! But I thought I'd first write a little (Instagram) update, just to write away a little. What have you been up too? Also busy with school/internships/work?
1. The rail in my room in Utrecht, love how that one looks in photos. 2. Took this photograph in Gent last summer, this was my favourite spot in the city. 3. Outfit from the other day, soon online! 4. Amsterdam has some pretty amazing buildings too, it is a lovely place to go every day. 5. Love this shot of the outfit photos Janne and I took. 6. Another travel-building-photo, this one is from Brugge. Ahh I hope to go to a new city again soon! 7. With Marlou at Appelpop, we had the best time there. 8. The exhibition of Ai Weiwei in Foam is so impressive, these are thousands of IPhone photos he took when helping refugees. 9. Last one for this post, another shot from my room, love the items on the shelf. So that was it for now, that's all what has been going on, just one more day left and tonight it's finally weekend again. Have a good one!