Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lovely Locations // Fresca, Nijmegen

It has already been a while since I went to this lovely location. I think about two weeks ago, but I still wanted to share it upon here. I had a weekend off that time and went to Fresca in Nijmegen with Paul and my parents. The plan was to get some coffee, but we ended up ordering some cake ass well. That because you just can't say no to that showcase filled with goodies. I mean look at it. Autumn was already there but it was such a nice warm day, so we were able to sit outside.

Fresca has a lovely terrace with really cool vintage chairs and tables, added with pretty plaids and pillows. That counts for the terrace and also for the inside. When you walk through their big, high and beautiful doorway you sort of enter Italy in there. One wall has a major wallpaper of a little street in Italy (at least I think it is one from Italy). It really adds a lovely atmosphere to the place. And it is a nice thing that you can pretent you are in Italy for a little while. Plus you will find more vintage and their cakes, pies and ice cream inside.
They have a great variety of food. You can get ice cream, coffee & tea, fresh squized juices. But they also serve several cakes and pies as I said before. And next to that all you can order lunch & dinner there, which are sandwiches, quices, salads and ofcourse Italian pasta's. I hope I haven't forgot anything, but if you like italy, cakes and ice cream you should certainly give Fresca a visit. I hope to get back there again to try their lunch/dinner pasta's! Have you ever been to Fresca?

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