Tuesday, January 10, 2017


2017. A brand new year. Brand new things that can and hopefully will come. I have some things planned out which I would love to do and set my mind to when I have more spare time. Though I'm very curious for brand new things and enthusiastic to start them, it doesn't seem like a new year yet. 

Which isn't a good nor a bad thing. I'm in de middle, or actually almost at the end of my internship, which made the holidays feel like a little break instead of a new year. Working at Foam has been so good, and I hope I can still develop myself some more, since there are only three weeks left! Though at the same time I long for something new. It’s a very big two-sides thing. I think that when my internship is over, it will feel like a new year, or a new beginning. 
Secretly I also long for school again, to have some more time off, some more time to just breathe and to learn some more. Working 40 hours a week can be quite a challenge sometimes and the weeks are passing by with a very high speed. After Foam and before school starts again I'll be moving to Nijmegen, and I can't wait to move to the city where I feel most at home. But more about that soon. Then when settled there I'll be starting specialization, I'm going to do Content Design and I look forward to going back to school as well (yes, I really am). Then in March, Marlou and I planned a city trip to Lisbon, can't wait to go! (any good tips are very very welcome). I haven't had the time to search for places to go there, but I definitely will when I have some more spare time.
I think that after my internship is over, it will feel like a new year. Like a new start and a new beginning. Maybe then the feeling of 2017 will get to me. Maybe  a little cliché, but I made a list (making lists is so satisfying) for myself including some things I would really love to do.

Go running
About once a week, to clear my head and to get some more energy
Finally take that sewing course
Below my sisters student room there is a sewing atelier where you can follow courses. I have my Mom's old sewing machine and I would really love to learn some more, and make my own clothing. Plus then I can visit my sister every time I'm there.
Make a portfolio
This is something I still have to think about, but I would love to put some work together.
Back to Ballet
When I started my internship in Amsterdam there was no time left to travel back home for the ballet classes. When I'm back at school I really want to to back again (still have my pointes on the wall)
Photograph and blog more
Something I really love to do, but I set it aside when I'm stressed or when I'm busy with school or work. I hope to make some more time for this.

So that is, for now, my prospect for 2017. Maybe the list will get longer along the way. It is such a great way to write all this down upon here. I hope I'll be able to start with these sort of resolutions soon. Maybe I have already started by writing this blog post. What are your plans for 2017?

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  1. Prachtige fotootjes!! En fijn dat de internship goed gaat! Succes nog de laatste weekjes en daarna met verhuizen! Ik ga mezelf ook voornemen om weer te gaan hardlopen, want ik heb het echt gemist xxx