Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Treasures on the bed & moved to Nijmegen

Two Sundays ago I moved my things from Utrecht to Nijmegen. Paul and I are now living together! The new place is something we've known for a few months now, and it felt like now was the time to put it into a blog post. Since this blog is also, a sort of, my diary, and this is a big thing to remember.
Since around September we were searching for a place for the two of us, we saw a lot of houses and apartments but didn't find the perfect one. Then out of the blue the appartement below Paul's home came on our path. The, then current residents, his neighbors were moving out. We didn't had to think twice and decided to choose the place right after we saw it.
Paul already moved in a few months ago and now I live here too. Though I moved in since last week I already were here a lot. I sort of lived in Utrecht during the week and spend my time in Nijmegen during the weekends (though, I found myself traveling back to Nijmegen during the week a lot). Almost every weekend we pay visits to the stores (lots of Dille&Kamille, Søstrene Grene and Ikea) for things to fill up our new place. I really really love the decorating. A brand new spot for creating a brand new interior. Every time we get some more and bit by bit the place looks more pretty, finished and cosy. 
Since last week my things moved to our new place in Nijmegen too. My clothing rail, plants, the big mirror, the pick-up/turntable and lots of other things filled up our new home. Though I'm so happy to finally live here I also feel a little sad about saying goodbye to my room in Utrecht. It was my first own room, my student room, which has been my home for over two years. But on the other hand I love the fact that Paul and I now really live together. I'm looking forward to this sort of 'next step'. Keep an eye on my Instagram (@ninaheutinck) for some interior updates! I'll do a new-home-post when everything is ready!


  1. Wat leuk dat je naar Nijmegen verhuisd bent! :)

  2. How exciting! It must have been fate that that apartment popped up in such a convenient place. I'm so excited to see your interior design posts from the new place

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  3. Wat een tof plaatje! En wat leuk dat jullie nu samen wonen. X

  4. Jaa zo leuk! Ik was laatst even langs toen jij er niet was maar echt leuk ingericht al :)

  5. Wat leuk! Ik ben benieuwd hoe het appartement eruit ziet! Ik zit zelf op kamers in Amsterdam, maar ik reis ook vaak naar Nijmegen omdat mijn vriend daar woont. Dus ik herken het op en neer reizen wel ja! Heel veel plezier in jullie nieuwe appartement! :)