Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lovely Locations // OPEN Slowcafe, Nijmegen

It is more than five months ago since the last 'Lovely Locations'. Two weeks ago I went to a new cafe in town and took my camera out again. It felt a bit strange taking photos somewhere again, but I love how they turned out. Last week I visited OPEN Slowcafe for the second time. It is a new place for coffee, cake and to catch up. They bring some peace in this stress society, and create a setting where you can be at ease (& where the interior looks really, really nice). 

OPEN Slowcafe // Lange Hezelstraat 39 // Nijmegen

A few weeks ago I took Willemijn to this new cafe in town for some coffee. Last week I went there again with Paul for lunch. OPEN Slowcafe is a lovely new gain for Nijmegen. As they say, they're creating a calm place to escape the "life in the fast lane." They want to create a moment for yourself or for a good think or talk session and hope you will be inspired or get new insights while enjoying some coffee or fresh lemonade. I must say that worked out very well for me. That all in combination with fair and local drinks & food makes a lovely new location.
What caught my eye at first was the amazing light, the pretty floor and the beautiful interior. Then second, while sitting down the items on the table grabbed my attention. They have different cards and little games lying on the tables which tell you sayings to think about and questions to get to know your company better. This made me really live in the moment and forget the outside and my never ending to-do list. OPEN really is a great place to escape the bustle or rush which, for me at least, sometimes takes over. Another fun fact is that they organize different workshops, readings and lectures, also slow focused. Ohh and then their brownie is a perfect pastry to dream away with (with salty caramel sauce). I really loved being there and had a lovely time with Willemijn and later with Paul. I'll certainly visit this place again soon! Would you go to OPEN?


  1. Dit ziet er echt leuk uit!

  2. Wat een ontzettend mooie hotspot en het concept klinkt ook heel erg goed. Een rustig plekje om van je koffie of ander lekkers te genieten is zo fijn!

  3. Ziet er zo leuk uit! Deze ga ik zeker op mijn lijstje zetten voor wanneer ik weer in Nijmegen ben. Je hebt echt mooie foto's gemaakt (as always!) X

  4. Loved this post dear, so useful for me, especially as I am planning to decorate the tree this weekend! You will like to see more fun from here.