Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Outfit // Vintage vibes

Good morning, currently I'm in the train to school again. It's the second week of my specialisation and I must say I really like it so far. Yesterday I met up with Willemijn to catch up and to shoot some new outfit photos. We strolled through the streets of Nijmegen, had some coffee at a new cafe in the most cosy street and just had a good time. Inbetween the coffee and our walk she took these photos of me there.

Zara top // Mango skirt // COS chelsea boots // Foam tote bag

As I said, we had a lovely day. It felt like the old days when we could spend our time taking photos and drinking tea or coffee (accompanied by brownies and cheesecakes) in cute little cafes forever. Yesterday was one of those days again, which felt really good. Now that I have some more spare time, I love to go outside and take photos again. Plus it is lovely to get home while it's not dark outside yet.
Well, a little bit more about the outfit. You may recognize the skirt, this one has been in quite a lot outfits upon here. But I always seem to be able to combine it in new different ways. The top is a new item, which comes from the beloved sale at Zara. I found it under a huge pile of simple shirts and took it home straight away. I love the print and vintage vibe it has, when I look at it I can't really believe it's from Zara. Anyways, yet another good item to combine with the red velvet skirt, especially since the red colour matches. What do you think of this outfit?