Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Interior // New home, part 1: our bedroom

Almost three months ago I moved to Nijmegen together with Paul, which is not so long ago. Yet these rooms, our new place, feels like a home already. Since the start I was eager to finish the interior for a blog post about it. Here in Holland we say: "a home is never finished", and I must say that is true. Our living room and also our bedroom will never be completely done, since you can always add or change things. That is a nice thing about a home, or your own home, you can always change it the way you want to. For this "interior" post I photographed our bedroom, the way it looks right now. 

We kept everything very simple and light; white walls, some white furniture like the closet, desk and clothing rail. This way we have a fine (white) base allowing us to easily change it. The accessories and decorations bring some colour in this room. The vintage carpets were also placed in my student room in Utrecht, I just had to bring them along to our new home. The red one, next to the bed, once belonged to my Grandmother, just like the wicker chair and the sanseveria near the big mirror. I love the stories vintage items carry along, this makes them way more special. Also the plants and the clothes on the rail bring a lot of colour into the room, I've always loved my clothes there where I can see them, not hidden behind a door.
The bed, also white, is the most important thing in this room, all the other items are placed around it. I love to make the bed like this, adding the crocheted bedspread and the knitted blanket, but in the morning those two always have fallen off. To come back to that Dutch saying, that a home is never finished, I think neither is this room if I look at the pale white walls. I hope to put something on them some day, like posters, photographs, shelves or something else. But that's something for the future. Do you have any tips for that? And what do you think of our bedroom?


  1. Het ziet er zo leuk uit! :) Bij Desenio hebben ze mooie posters!

  2. I love this interior! Its minimalist but so pretty and calming. Hope you enjoy settling in to your new home!

    Tasha x

  3. Wauw! Wat een mooi plekje! Erg leuk en vintage. Houd ik van (: