Friday, August 25, 2017

Thoughts // Try again

Here I am, back on my blog. For a while or permenent I hope. I'm looking forward to create content for this blog/site/(web)diary again and have loads of travel photos I want to share upon here, but wanted to start with some thoughts about getting back to blogging and maybe also about the past few months after my last post.
Summer has come to and end and yet I don't feel like I've felt that "Summer feeling" this year. The past warm breezy days passed by so quickly. I quess I was too busy stressing about things (school, work, this blog and, how cliche, my future) which led to me not setting my mind completely to this sunny season. Therefore I'm taking a little break from school the coming six months, to figure out what I want: which minor I want to choose and to prepare myself for graduation (which is coming frightenly close). Anothing think I would like to do and try again is picking up my blog. I've doubted very much whether or where to take my blog next. Doubted if I should even try or do it. I've started over, again, many times before and often created new beginings myself. I guess I doubted about too many things the past few years and lived more out of stress than anything else. 
But here I am, again. Created a new begining, again. Sometimes you just got to start, begin somewhere since the perfect moment to start doesn't exist. And I'm glad I'm still creating those "new beginings", even if they are a bit random. That's what I'm doing now and I quess I'll see where this new start will take me. 


  1. Fijn zo'n nieuw begin! Die keuzes zijn altijd super lastig. Ik begin nu met afstuderen en het gepieker over de toekomst is heel herkenbaar. Ik probeer het voor nu maar over me heen te laten komen en onderweg kom ik er wel achter waar ik uitkom.

  2. I feel exactly the same about summer, it seems to have gone by in an instant. Sometimes I think we need time more than anything to put the world to rights, can't wait for more content!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion