Friday, September 29, 2017

Lovely Locations // De Milingen Thee Tuin

"At the moment Anna and I found ourselves in another place, another world. We can't believe we found this beautiful place, just half an hour from Nijmegen. It feels like we are in Thailand, Bali or Marokko. Though it feels like we are far, far away, we are only a few miles away from the city.
We sit in a little porch with terra cotta walls, little lights, endless plants and pretty printed pillows. In front of us there is a blue tiled floor with water in the middle, the sound of the little fountain is very, very calming. We enjoy some lemon juice and Turkish bread with pesto and green olives to the sound of the water and the bees. It's a perfect day."

When Anna and I were little, our mothers took us to this place. We went there several times at the age of 8 or 10. That's about 10 years ago! I hadn't been to the Milingen Thee tuin (tea garden) since then. Anna did went there a few times over the past year. One of the last Summer days Anna picked me up and took us to the tea garden again. It had something very magical coming back there after so many years. There were some things I remembered, like the little bamboo maze at the borders of the garden. In my memory it was way, way bigger.
The tea garden is just an amazing place to spent a sunny day. All the plants, trees and flowers that florish there make this pretty place full of nature very colourfull. We wandered around all the greens a lot, settled at the pretty foreign garden house, ate and drank something and wandered through the plants and flowers again. It was such a lovely day going back there. 


  1. Dit ziet er echt geweldig uit!! Wat een heerlijk sfeertje :)

  2. oh waauw, kan niet geloven dat dat in Nederland is!!

  3. Wat gaaf, daar wil ik ook wel heen! Ik klikte je post op Bloglovin aan door de titel, maar op je blog dacht ik even dat ik een artikel over een vakantie aan het lezen was ;)

  4. oh wauw is dit in Nederland ! het ziet er echt heel prachtig uit echt een beetje magisch
    xx Ish