Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Travel // Andalusia #2 Sevilla, Spain

"Olà, at the moment we're in the train from Málaga to Sevilla, the train rages through the mountains and later on across rusty red plains of nature and endless fields of olive trees. Within the hour we'll be arriving in the next Spanish city with a hotel that has a swimming pool on the roof, can't wait to jump in the water and I'm very curious about the view."
Here, finally, is the next travel post from this Summer. I think Sevilla is one of my favourites and after Ronda definitely the most beautiful one. This post is (again, oops) filled with pretty coloured houses (I just love those), and everything else we saw and came across in Sevilla. Prepare for lots of travel photographs. 

June 27, 2017 16:20
"This was the Real Alcazar (last 3 photos), a beautiful Moorish palace in the centre of Sevilla. While walking through the tiled rooms and chambers it's almost like you're in Marokko or somewhere out of Europe. All the colors, arches and especially all the pretty tiles and details were such a dream to the eye. It's one of the most pretty places I've ever seen and really met my expectations after the palace in Málaga.
After the Real Alcazar we stepped into an elevator which led us to the Metropol Parasol: an art work above the city, which was a funny and amazing place. Which also included an amazing view over the city (check the first photo) and it was fun walking 'above' the city through high paths and stairs. It was a lovely first day today."

June 28, 2017 19:02
"We have been in Sevilla for 2,5 days now, we arrived in the evening the day before yesterday and yesterday we went into the city. We saw the Real Alcazar, the little and big shopping streets, the Metropol Parasol (which the Spaniards call: the mushroom), also Plaza Espanja was very enchanting but I didn't take any pictures there. In the evening we wandered through Bairro Santa Cruz, the oldest area which holds cute little shops, close narrow streets and hidden squares. There we found El Pasaje a bar/restaurant where we had our first paëlla. We spent our first night at bar Estrella (which you can see on the 3th photo) where they had a delicious stuffed zucchini. 
At the moment we're at our room in the hotel, preparing for dinner. It is such a blast that you can go out for dinner every night when on holiday. So far we've had a lot of tapas and patatas bravas. Oh and about that swimming pool on the rooftop: it is an amazing thing with an amazing view. We went there for a swim earlier when I took photo number 8 (in this post), such pretty colours and the view reaches so far! Definitely a special addition to our stay in Sevilla! Can't believe we're already leaving for Cádiz tomorrow."


  1. oh die huisjes en architectuur zijn echt mooi! sevilla lijkt me ook heel tof.

  2. Super mooie foto's! Andalusië lijkt me zo'n toffe streek :) Mooie outfit heb je trouwens aan met dat kleedje en rode shirt!

  3. gorgeous photos, I'm jealous!! x

    Tasha x