Friday, September 22, 2017

Travel // Andalusia #3 Cádiz, Spain (+ little travel playlist)

"We're in the train again, leaving Seville for Cádiz. Yesterday we've had a final stroll through the tiny pretty streets of Seville, which was a lot of fun. Now we're passing by sunflower fiels and again endless fields of olive trees. I'm very exited to explore Cádiz, my dad told me he always wanted to go there and name a band after this city. It's also the most south located city in Europe and there are lots of Moorish influences there, which I really love, I can't wait for the train to arrive it's destination."

June 29, 2017 11:20
"In Seville we were a 20 minutes walk away from the city centre, Cádiz is a lot smaller and our hotel is practically located in the middle of the city. We've been in the train for a while now, but I can't wait to arrive in another city I've never been to. To pass the time away, this is what I listen to:
Desperado - Eagels
Flying blind - Ilse de Lange
Supermarket flowers - Ed Sheeran
Fields of gold - Sting
This must be my dream - The 1975
One of these nights - Eagels
These waters - Ben Howard
She's American - The 1975
Lying eyes - Eagels"

June 30, 2017 23:43
"I'm sitting on our hotel bed in Cádiz, with a silly night light on these pages, I can't sleep. Our window/door which leads to our little balcony is open and some sounds of the city night life slip in our room. We arrived here quite early today. Our hotel is, as promised, in the middle of the centre and our balcony has a very lovey view. We started our visit to Cádiz by strolling around this new city, took a siesta nap and went out for dinner which included the best aoli shrimps ever. 
We also saw the sea again, the Atlantic Ocean, in which we'll swim tomorrow. Maybe if I can't fall asleep any time soon I can sleep some more on the beach tomorrow, because as they say: everyting is better at the beach."

June 31, 2017 19:33
"Today we've got a better chance to explore the city. We started our day with breakfast at the beach and sat there for a while together, in the sun. It isn't that hot today so we didn't went in the sea. We walked past the shore afterwards and found a pretty view over the cathedral (check the first photo). Later that day we went into the cathedral and also in one of the towers, which gave an amazing view! Every city here in Andalusia seems to amaze me, all the exploaring and 'not having to do anything' really does me well."

What do you think of these photographs? And have you ever been to Cádiz?
After this post there is one Andalusia post left, next stop: Rondá.


  1. plek waar ik nu wel heel graag zou willen zijn! fijn deze dagboekstukjes ook <3

  2. Staat september niet in je lijst haha? Mooie foto's en leuk om te lezen nien!

  3. Nee die staat in een andere lijst haha! Dank je Annie! Xx