Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Travel // Andalusia #4 Ronda, Spain

Welcome to the last stop of our (Paul and me) journey through Andalusia, and also the last post of this travel series: Ronda. I know that it has been Autumn for a few days now, but I still wanted to finish this Andalusia travel posts/series. Reading my travel diary and looking back at all the photographs from Spain made me relive our holiday from this Summer. After this post I guess my blog will be filled with some brand new and current things. I found some new vintage items, I've been to London and other lovely locations, which all will be on the blog the up coming weeks. For now the last part of our Andalusia trip, filled with memories from beautiful Ronda. 

July 3, 2017 19:34
"We have been in Ronda for three days now. This must be the prettiest little town I've ever seen. Today is Monday and last Saturday we left Cádiz by bus, which took us through the mountains to Ronda. The first night in Ronda we slept in a hotel in the centre of the town and now we're staying at a camping site about 1,5 km from Ronda. We don't have a car, but it is only a 20 minute walk to the centre.

The first thing we did after ariving last Saturday was seeing the famous, beautiful, old brige, which the city is known for. The bridge connects two parts of the city which are split up by a huge deep gap/valley: El Tajo. This amazing part of the city was not very good for my fear of hights, but it was so lovely, and beautiful to see it. We also walked/hiked down to the valley and walked underneath the bridge, we had the most amazing view from down the valley (check the photographs).
When we climbed our way back/up we found a little shop filled with a lot, a lot, of nougat, we bought some soft nougat filled with almonds, which was the best I ever had. We bought some more the next day. "

El Tajo is the number one highlight in Ronda, and I must say, we didn't saw anything else, except for the pretty coloured streets and all the qute little shops. But El Tajo can be admired from a lot of different point of views, literally: the fourth photograph was taken from the other side, which included some strolls through pretty gardens before we arrived at this view point. After exploring Ronda for about 1,5-2 days we withdrew to the camping on the country side. There we mostly relaxed at the pool, soaked up the sun and read some books. It was a perfect way to end our holiday in the countryside near Ronda. 

So... that was (in 4 blog post) our trip to and through Andalusia. We've seen the most amazing places, things and enjoyed our time there together. I can't say I have a favourite of the four cities: every city had it's own charms and specialties. But I can say that I hope to go back to the south of Spain some day! Have you ever been to Ronda or elsewhere in Andalusia?


  1. Wat een prachtige foto's! Ik ben er nog nooit geweest :)

  2. Soo so so in love with your photos! <3 I've never even heard of Andalusia but all these are making me desperately want to visit. It looks very warm too.

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

  3. aww wauw het ziet er echt adembenemend mooi uit !
    xx Ish