Sunday, December 10, 2017

Lots of snow & easy like a Sunday (morning)

Sunday, December 10th 2017
"When we woke up this morning, it started to snow. Looking outside we saw that there was a thin white blanked left from yesterday, which had fallen over the city. We stayed in bed while we were awake already and watched the snow fall from under our warm white crispy sheets. Easy like a Sunday morning.
By the time we got out and decided to go out for breakfast the snowflakes became bigger and there were many more flakes falling down. Wrapped in our Winter coats and knitted scarfs we walked to Down Town through an upcoming Winter wonderland. We mostly had to held our heads down so the snow didn't got in our eyes. But it was fun walking through a fresh white city. "

"Luckily there was a free table at Down Town. We go there a lot lately, for breakfast, brunch or lunch on Sundays. It has become our favourite spot in the city. Inside it was very cosy, the perfect place to warm up and for a first cup of coffee to start the day. Paul enjoyed his Sloppy Joe and I went for the home made Peanutbutter Toast this time, with banana, coconut and almond on top. Because of the warmth inside the windows were fogged, so we couldn't see how fast the snow was falling."

"When we went outside again our steps left deep prints in the snow. A new thick white blanked of snow covered the streets and the rest of Nijmegen. We took a walk through the white city, did a little shopping and threw some snow balls at each other. 
Now we're back home, sitting on the new couch, warming up, watching some tv and later on we'll make some veggie soup for dinner. We had an easy and lovely Sunday. The snow made everything a lot more fun. And a lot more pretty ofcourse. Easy like a Sunday (morning)."


  1. aah leuke foto's!! Heeerlijk om zo door Nijmegen te lopen :) Het is gelijk ook een stuk rustiger in het centrum tijdens dit weer!

  2. zo'n gezellige post met al die sneeuw foto's! heel mooi ook <3

  3. Zo'n mooie foto's! Ik vind dit weer heerlijk. Kom maar op met meer sneeuw en een witte kerst.