Friday, February 16, 2018

A very special travel journal

Since a few years I've been keeping travel journals. Their pages filled with the places I've seen, the holidays I've taken, about Summer beach places, city trips during spring and winter, short trips, long travels and lot more. What I love about all my travel journals is that they're something to hold in your hands, something to hold on to, something to browse through, endless paper filled with stories, old tickets, postcards and photographs. Looking back at them and reading what I wrote in those foreign countries always makes me relive the moments I had there. This time I had the opportunity to create another travel journal, a very special one...

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Travel // First trip of 2018: Prague, Czech Republic

Early January Paul and I went on our first trip of 2018. In October 2017 we were together for eight years and instead of getting each other something we decided to plan a new citytrip together. After a little wondering we booked a flight to Prague. 
Paul had been there a few years ago, I visited this capital city when I was still at primary school so I was pretty excited to go there again since I couldn't remember much of my last visit. Starting the new year by traveling again turned out to be a very good idea, and now that I'm back I can't wait to plan another trip abroad. For 2018 I bought myself a travel notebook, where I'll keep a diary every time I travel somewhere. I kept notes, cards, receipts, labels and a lot more for this travel diary and right now the notebook is filled with already two trips: Prague and Antwerp. But more about that travel notebook soon, for now this travel diary about our trip to Prague. 
"We're up in the air for a while now, the sun is shining bright above the clouds and into the many little round windows. It already time to land again. Just a few minutes left before we will step out of the plane and into Prague."