Friday, February 16, 2018

A very special travel journal

Since a few years I've been keeping travel journals. Their pages filled with the places I've seen, the holidays I've taken, about Summer beach places, city trips during spring and winter, short trips, long travels and lot more. What I love about all my travel journals is that they're something to hold in your hands, something to hold on to, something to browse through, endless paper filled with stories, old tickets, postcards and photographs. Looking back at them and reading what I wrote in those foreign countries always makes me relive the moments I had there. This time I had the opportunity to create another travel journal, a very special one...

When the new year began my frist trip of 2018 was right around the corner: early January I visited Prague with Paul (check the travel post here). Before we took off I made sure I had yet another travel journal to take with on the city trip. This time I got a journal for all the trips I'll be taking in 2018, I figured it would be nice to have all travels of the same year tied together in one little book. At the moment it already contains two travels: Prague and Antwerp, I hope to expand that list with at least three more. If I've got five travels in 2018 it will be one more than 2017. 
A few weeks ago contacted me with an offer that made my eyes glow: I could print a photo book, my own (very first) (photo) book. With my travel plans for 2018 in mind I knew right away what had to contain this photo book: my 2017 travels. An overview of the trips and holidays I took in 2017, a special travel journal with all my travels bundled together. 

I divided the book into four 'chapters': the four trips I took in 2017. The first place I went was Lisbon, Portugal with Marlou early in Spring, after Lisbon I had a busy school period so the next trip was during the Summer Holidays: I went to the south of Spain, Andalusia, with Paul for about two weeks. We went in the beginning of Summer so when we got back I had quite some time left. That's why I took another trip that Summer to Italy with my parents and my brother. It was a great summer and I loved ever bit of it. At the moment I'm wondering about where to go this year, maybe Italy again since it's my favourite holiday country. Last stop of 2017: London. Paul and I found very cheap tickets and went to London a weekend. 
I read my travel journals of those travels and wrote a little something about each of those four places, picked the best photographs and edidted my own photo book. has such a fine editor, I designed the book easily and after my own taste. It took me a little time to finish editing but I love how it turned out. And I tell you, it turned out lovely. I can hold it, browse through it and each section makes me relive the moments in Lisbon, Andalusia, Grossetto and London. For now, it's time to make some new (travel) memories for 2018. Maybe by the time the year is over I'll make another photo book of my 2018 travels. 


  1. Such a good idea, I always keep a journal but had never considered having an individual travel journal, will definitely be doing that!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  2. Dit ziet er zoo mooi uit! Het is zo leuk om af en toe foto's door te bladeren en dit is echt de perfecte manier om dat regelmatig te doen! <3

  3. Wauw heel gaaf! En wat mooie foto’s!!

  4. Superleuk zo fotoboekjes :)