Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Travel // First trip of 2018: Prague, Czech Republic

Early January Paul and I went on our first trip of 2018. In October 2017 we were together for eight years and instead of getting each other something we decided to plan a new citytrip together. After a little wondering we booked a flight to Prague. 
Paul had been there a few years ago, I visited this capital city when I was still at primary school so I was pretty excited to go there again since I couldn't remember much of my last visit. Starting the new year by traveling again turned out to be a very good idea, and now that I'm back I can't wait to plan another trip abroad. For 2018 I bought myself a travel notebook, where I'll keep a diary every time I travel somewhere. I kept notes, cards, receipts, labels and a lot more for this travel diary and right now the notebook is filled with already two trips: Prague and Antwerp. But more about that travel notebook soon, for now this travel diary about our trip to Prague. 
"We're up in the air for a while now, the sun is shining bright above the clouds and into the many little round windows. It already time to land again. Just a few minutes left before we will step out of the plane and into Prague."

Monday, January 8th, 2018
"At the moment we found ourselves in a little cafe across the river where their specialty is hot chocolate. Which I'm drinking right now and it's so good. The chocolate milk is so thick that you can also eat it with a spoon, so, so good! This morning we walked up to the Metronome and from there we walked to Prague Castle from where we had a lovely view over the Charles bridge and the river and the city."
"Now we've been in our hotel room for a while, which is pretty much within the centre of the city. Today we did a little shopping, took some photos between the pretty houses here, ate some bratwurst and just wandered around the city. We had dinner at Kolonial, a restaurant with a bicycle theme, which looked very nice on the inside. Paul had a big bbq burger and I went for a traditional Czech dish of which we forgot the name. But it was meat with a cream sauce, topped with cranberries and soft bread on the side, it was very good. For now we're almost off to bed, tomorrow we'll climb the old town hall tower, can't wait to see that view!"
Tuesday, January 9th, 2018
"To do list for today: climb the tower, eat a Trldnik, go somewhere for lunch,
see the John Lennon wall, stroll around in Malá Strana."
"This morning we started our day by climbing the old town hall tower on the big square. It costs a bit but the view on top was worth it. On top you could walk around and see far across the city in any direction,  because we were in the middle of it. After coming down again we walked on to the John Lennon wall, which was way smaller than we thought. Around 13:00 we took the metro to Cafefin for lunch. It was a lovely place a little out of the busy centre, had a pretty interior and the food had a Viernamese twist. During lunch I got tipped on Instagram to go to the Petrin hill. Since we could tick off most of our list already we decided to go there after lunch. With a sort of mountain train we drove up the hill and saw another yet beautiful view over the city. We climbed another tower there, which looked a lot like the Eiffel tower which gave us that view."
"Tonight we had dinner at Pasta Fresca, a beautiful Italian restaurant. With an old stairway we walked to the cellar where the restaurant was, everything about the interior was so amazing. And even though it was in a cellar, there was much light. We had some trouble picking something from the menu since everything seemed so good. All the pasta's are home made, and we defenitely tasted that: we both went for their lasagne al ragout, and it was the best lasagne I ever had!"

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018
"Paul and I are at the airport again, the days in Prague flew by so fast. This morning we went into the centre for the last time to find a nice Trldnik (which wasn't that hard). I had one with white chocolate which was very, very good. With a river-view and next to the Charles bridge ate a Trldnik with a view!
Afterwards it was already time to take the metro to the airport. In about an hour we will be flying back to The Netherlands. Prague was beautiful, fun, cosy, chilly, good, lots of walking, lots of wandering, old, relaxed, dreamy, good food, pretty views, walking hand in hand, and very very lovely. I hope to see it again sometime."


  1. Wauw!! Prachtige foto’s!! <3

  2. i'm always amazed with european architecture